2010 Sharing Conference

The 2nd Annual Shanghai Laboratory Animal Welfare Sharing Conference was held September 18-19, 2010.

Co-Organizers: Shanghai Laboratory Animal Research Center
• AAALAC Int’l • Global Research Education & Training (GR8) • GSK R&D/China
Global Platinum Partners: GlaxoSmithKline • Pfizer
Global Gold Sponsors: AstraZeneca • Eli Lilly • Roche
Global Silver Supporters: AALAS • Charles River • Covance

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Animal Welfare Laws, Regulations and Policies in China
Dr. Cheng Gao; Office of Laboratory Animal Administration

Ethical Considerations in Animal Research & Testing
Dr. Marilyn Brown; Charles River

Introduction of Case Study: Humane Endpoints
Dr. Robert Gunnels; Pfizer

Global Approaches to Laboratory Animal Welfare Oversight
Dr. Kathryn Bayne; AAALAC International

Revisions to Guide to the Care & Use of Laboratory Animals (2010)
Dr. Gregory Reinhard; Merck

IACUC Basics
Dr. Wendy Underwood; Eli Lily

Sharing Panel: How IACUCs Function in China
Dr. C. Terrance Hawk; GSK
Mr. Zai Chang; Model Animal Research Center (MARC)
Dr. Zhou Zhang; Director of LAS, Shcnc
Dr. Fon Chang; AstraZeneca
Dr. Judy Coman; Abbott
Dr. Donna Clemons; Covance


Protocol Review
Dr. Maureen Hargaden; Roche
Mr. Gary Morrow; Genentech

Program Review
Dr. Karl Field; Bristol-Myers Squibb

Semi-Annual Inspection
Dr. Kathleen Smiler; GR8
Dr. Scout Zhou; Director, Veterinary Service, CRL

Dr. Ann Turner
American Association for Laboratory Animal Research (AALAS)