Overcoming Cultural Differences

It took time and trust, but 2012 students in the GR8/SHAFC “Introduction to Elementary Laboratory Animal Care & Use” course finally felt comfortable raising their hands to ask “Why?”

Encouraged to admit when they did not understand, these eager learners overcame cultural and language barriers to explore complex concepts essential to the development of a personal and professional ethic of CARING.

GR8’s program in China is based on the belief that learning is not a spectator sport.
The goal of GR8’s basic training program in Shanghai is to introduce western standards of laboratory animal welfare, care & use to students pursuing a career working with research animals.

As we enter the third year of a 5-year agreement with the Shanghai Vocational & Technical College of Agriculture & Forestry (SHAFC), we have revamped the 2013 curriculum to include intensive hands-on labs taught by western trainers provided by Veterinary Bioscience Institute (VBI). SHAFC faculty and volunteers from WuXi Apptech and the National Shanghai Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation & Research will translate and give technical support. Guest speakers will address welfare topics, including laws and regulations, bioethics, 3Rs, and environmental enrichment. We plan to provide the latest training models and simulators to encourage reduction of live animal use whenever practical.

By investing financial and human resources in the GR8/SHAFC educational initiative, the international research community acknowledges the stake we share in preparing a well-trained, caring work force to help heal and protect the health and safety of people around the world.