Global Research Education & Training (GR8) recognizes the need for global standards in the care and use of laboratory animals, and promotes training as critical to ensuring animal welfare and quality science. To that end, a comprehensive assessment strategy can serve as a driver for enhancing existing internal training programs as well as harmonizing the approach to global audits of external CROs wherever animal research is conducted.

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In 2006, the president of a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company that had developed a preclinical testing facility in China, commented to the media that global pharmaceutical companies (“pharmas”) were moving to China because it is cheaper and faster to do animal work there, and in addition, there are no regulations. That quotation was referenced several times at a recent Animal Welfare Forum in Shanghai (March 30,2008). Were the comments based on fact? Fiction? Accurate in 2006, but not now? It doesn’t really matter. The story continues to circulate, and it supports the public’s preferred perception of the pharmaceutical industry and its use of animals to develop and test new products.

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