GR8 Brings Team to SHAFC

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
-Chinese Proverb

In the past three years, GR8 has taken some giant steps towards overcoming long-standing cultural and communication barriers by building trust in the lab animal training we provide each summer in China.

This July, GR8 brought a dynamic team to Shanghai Vocational & Technical College of Agriculture & Forestry (SHAFC) to introduce 24 eager third-year animal science students to fundamentals of laboratory animal care & use.
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Overcoming Cultural Differences

It took time and trust, but 2012 students in the GR8/SHAFC “Introduction to Elementary Laboratory Animal Care & Use” course finally felt comfortable raising their hands to ask “Why?”

Encouraged to admit when they did not understand, these eager learners overcame cultural and language barriers to explore complex concepts essential to the development of a personal and professional ethic of CARING.
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